It’s National Dog Day!

As it turns out, August 26th is National Dog Day. (Thank goodness for Facebook; this holiday almost eluded me.) Let’s face it though, everyday is dog day around here with this handsome guy.


TCheks - April 05, 2012 - 002

Jane-February 27, 2014-035Jane-March 22, 2014-192Jane-March 22, 2014-195

Rudy is a rescue dog, so we never knew exactly what breed he is. Based on his appearance and his personality, I always thought he was a German Shorthair/Lab mix. He recently went through spinal surgery to fix a ruptured disk in his back, which prompted me to order one of those dog breed DNA tests. It turns out he is half Beagle, one quarter Lab and one quarter mixed. He’s still the best dog ever. aka The Brown Beagle.

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